Facing Weirdness


I did some messing around this evening with paint and the postcard size format I am currently working on.  I think I was mostly trying to avoid working on the big painting, which requires total concentration. I find myself avoiding it – even though it is on the easel in the kitchen and I have to look at it nearly as soon as I come into the front door!  Sometimes it looks really good, other times it looks really stupid – almost as if it were presenting different possibilities to me for my viewing pleasure.  I wonder if others feel this way about their work – that sort of love hate thing.  I don’t know.  I live such a solitary life, I rarely have an opportunity to talk about art with anyone.  I have allowed my natural tendencies to eccentricity to become foremost in my daily living patterns.  I like living alone – I like working when I feel like it and not having to explain or ask permission to anyone, but I also like people and enjoy hearing their thoughts.  I guess I am just not one of those very chirpy people who can blend their lives with such apparent ease — I think that’s why I attempted this blog thing – hoping somehow to talk to others about their art and what hopes they have for it.  I also have very little time for art and so it seems wasteful to spend so much energy socializing.  I think I am weird….


Tell me about it...

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