Cabrin’s Collage



Here is somthing I am working on for my new grandson – its a collage for his room.  The photo in the lower left are his parents (my daughter), and the measuring tape  running through the collage is the paper tape they gave me in the hospital when Elizabeth was born with her birth measurements on it.  The silver spoon is also hers.  The other things are found objects, or other small trinkets from Elizabeth’s childhood.  I need to finish the edges, that is blue tape on the edges – but it is actually a very nice wood trim under the tape.  The collage is done on a piece of cradled clayboard.



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  1. This is very beautiful. What a lovely treasure for your new grandson. Can you imagine how special it will be for him as he grows and becomes? I can!

    Thank you so much for posting on my blog today. Your truth about horizons rang true for me. I look forward to more communications between us.

  2. This is such a clever idea and will be treasured for years to come I am sure.

    I have had more time to look around your blog and read about you and your art. Being an artist is nothing to do with making money or being commercially successful. Some of the best artist’s that I know make very little, also the reverse is true. It is what is in your soul.

    I love your painting Olivia’s house with the window, that is the work of an artist. Good luck and best wishes for 2009.

  3. Thank you Joana Hamilton. I peeked at your site and saw your creations of a stream bed and rocks! Just beautiful! Now I am inspired to try painting some rocks! Thank you for visiting my site!

  4. what a beautiful creation for the newest creation in your family .. your darling grandson. we have three “grands”, and just yesterday, after art class, I was dreaming up a project for them … either a collective item that can be reproduced so each has one (and the original can be here in “the grands’ room”, OR three individual ones. anyway, you’ve inspired me to proceed! thank you, thank you … princess magpie

  5. Thanks Davielle – I knew when I saved all those little bits of babyhood that someday I would find a use for them! I think you have a good idea about making something with them that they can take away and have one for yourself too.

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