Daily Archives: January 11, 2009

A Fairies’ House



 I took this photo last year when we had been ensconced in winter and icicles far too long.  I whiled away last winter’s nights making these small structures, better known as fairies’ houses.  A very good friend of mine had brought me a bundle of twigs, she knows how I am about twigs and rocks, pieces of moss or beautiful perfect autumn leaves.  We share this passion for the natural world, and she is very generous in sharing her finds!  I had been thinking about building some small structures with her gift, and it wasn’t long before they turned into open air dwellings, perfect for a fairies’ abode.  I decorated the Christmas tree that year with them, searching out fairy dolls in the stores.  It turned out to be a spectacular tree, with elves, and toadstools, owls, fairies, small red foxes, acorns, crystals, little watercolored lady apples… I don’t have a photo of the Christmas tree, but I came across this photo of one of the houses standing in a window against a background of icicles, and thought I would share it with you.   Today the sun is shining; it’s only about 49 degrees outside, not even any snow on the ground – a perfect day to go off hunting for treasures!