Journal page: Evening Stars



Another journal page that began as a doodle – this is usually what happens – I make a sketch or a doodle and leave it alone for awhile, then I go back to it and doodle some more.  This page already had a background of gesso and acrylic, but it was very pale.  I was just playing with paint when the three figures began to emerge.  They have something to say, but I am not sure what it is, the words:  “It’s really more important than you may realize,”  came in with the junk mail, and the leftover wrappers just seemed to need a place to be stuck.  I pasted a receipt from a couple of years ago in the window, it was from a place I stayed at the beach – called Alsea Evening Star – I don’t think you can still see that, but I know its there.  Perhaps the figures are evening stars just waiting to shine.  I used gesso, acrylic, graphite, soft pastel, and gouache.


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  1. Hi Mary Ann – I find it so mysterious the way these faces emerge – almost as if they were already there just waiting for me to find them. Thank you for stopping by!

    Nice to meet you Victoria – Thanks for visiting – I’ve visited your blog many times!

  2. I am not surprised you find it hard to create when you are working long hours and it’s still winter. I am sure with the increasing daylight and warmth you will find your creative energy levels will rise.

    Your work is full of mystery and atmosphere, always intriguing, never mundane.

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