“Disintegration Manifestation”




I have decided to join Seth Apter’s “Disintegration Manifestation” at  The Altered Page (http://thealteredpage.blogspot.com/).  I’ve made a bundle to hang outside until May 1, 2009 to see how much it disintegrates.   My bundle is called “Departure,”  and now carries my wishes to leave central Oregon.  I am curious to see how it disintegrates and what the outcome for me will be, as well.  We don’t get much rain here, but the snow should do a good job of disintegration!  In keeping with thoughts of departure, I used foreign currency, old airline tickets, some used envelopes with postage still attached, a pretty piece of paste paper I made from another project, and a few metal objects, just to see how they age.


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  1. What a great bundle Olivia! You even gave it legs — the better to run with when you leave central Oregon. I like that the contents are so meaningful. Thanks for joining in!

  2. oooh, are you leaving Central Oregon? anytime soon? COME TO SAN DIEGO !!! 🙂 SO now for the other real comment. I would have a hard time putting my “goodies”, my “magpie gatherings” out into the elements … you are so BRAVE. A brave artist makes a happy and challenged and most excellent artist, so I guess one could look at it as a GROWTH OPPORTUNITY. A ‘letting go’ exercise. Good for you, Olivia. And who cares what the neighbors think? Just don’t set it atop a funeral pyre at the end of your experiment and you’ll be fine. No white coats! BE WELL, new friend. — Davielle

  3. VERY cool!! I love the sentiment attached to the piece!! Very neat to “meet” a fellow Oregonian! (even if you do wanna move…) Happy disintegration, fellow collaborator!

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