Daily Archives: March 2, 2009

I Want…



March moves in bringing hope that spring is coming soon.  I set my eyes on the horizon line and hope summer finds me away from here and on a new path.  I believe people come and go in our lives as we need them, sometimes because we have something to learn from them, other times because they have something to learn from us.  This last three years I feel it has been I doing the teaching, or bringing the life lessons and I am tired from this.  I want to fly free – I want to just be – I want sunrise and sunset, day after day until I grow bored with this rhythm.  I want to sit in the soft air of my favorite place on this earth and just be, and if I cannot sit in that soft air, then another spot will turn out to be just as sweet and I am open to this.  I once knew someone who told me that I was never satisfied with anything, and now I see the truth in that.  I am not satisfied with half-truths, nor am I satisfied with less than I deserve. If I sound selfish, … I am, …and I want that too.