Daily Archives: March 16, 2009

Let it Be…


circ-010I am slowly coming back to creative life – taking small steps, and trying not to worry about the future too much.  These little canvases are just the right size for now, 4×4 and 4×6 inches each.  Both taken from journal sketches that I  never had the time to turn into paintings.  Have some other sketches that may be apprpriate for a mini mini-series.  It would be nice to stay home and not work, and have time to create all day – my mind is not in that mode yet, but I am pushing myself to let go and just be – in the moment, in the beginning of spring, in the first steps of a new path…Let it Be, as Paul McCartney sang, way back when I was a girl and full of hope, and belief that things would always, or almost always, turn out as they should – and now that is the thing to remember – things always do turn out just as they were meant to, and it’s what we make of it that determines who we are.