Journaling … My two eyes


in-progress-014Journal pages – gouache, pen and ink, collage.  I began this jounal page in the winter, and outside it still looks like winter  – some snow fell last night and left a dusting on the ground.  I can’t think of anything else to add to the background of this page, or any layers to add so I’ve left it.  Maybe I will think of something another day, but today it seems finished.  

A quiet Sunday afternoon –  I can see my Disintegration Manifestation bundle from my studio window. “Stick Boy” came around a couple of days ago banging his sticks.  (A young boy from the neighborhood who was up and down the street last year hitting new growth and budding trees with sticks.)  I watched him for awhile, wondering what I would feel if he hit my bundle with his sticks … I couldn’t decide, so I just watched him.   Apparently he hasn’t noticed it yet, but I would think it would be a good target with it’s vulnerable dangling legs.   I think I will be sad if I come home one day and find it smashed, but I guess  I would have to take that as part of the Disintegration process…

What it says in the tree limbs, which doesn’t show in the photo is:

“My two eyes

As similar marbles

Saw two things in you

And merged them

Knocking one —

Against the other

Making sparks

Where none existed”


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  1. Hi whatchamacalit – thank you for all your nice comments — its always nice to hear approval!

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