Trip to Portland


I decided to take a drive to Portland last Thursday, to visit my daughters, Cait and Mairwen.  Cait is the dancer, Mairwen is the graphic designer.  I stayed until Monday.  I did some shopping for art supplies!  We have no Art Media here, or Craft Warehouse, or even a fully equipped Michael’s.  I bought a whole stack of cradled wood panels.  I think I had ideas of encaustic, or bees wax, or something – but mostly they just looked so pretty with their smooth woodgrain surfaces!  I know I will find a good use for them!



And a stack of 10×10″ canvases –  I found I liked using this size when I did the Christmas gift paintings.  There were on sale and very inexpensive – now I have enough to last quite a while!  I even got a couple of gallery sized ones. 


Then we went to a couple of estate sales and I bought a print for the studio – I call it the Studio Witch.  I think it is a print from one of Tommi De Paola’s  children’s books.  I have probably mispelled his name, so forgive me on that.  It is a lovely print and it was already framed – it just seemed right for the studio!


Not a recent purchase, but on the opposite wall reigns the Studio Muse – a very old print I call the Butterfly Girl, which I bought at a used bookstore in downtown Portland in 1968 for .25 cents!  It goes around with me on all my moves and travels, and travels from room to room as it is needed.


And lastly a work in progress that has been taking it’s time.  It will go along with the mini mini-series, Circ.  I thought those little characters needed something to travel around in, so I created a flying machine for them.  Its a collage of cut up squares of canvas from discarded paintings glued to a piece of 40 ply Crescent Board and over painted with other images, or left as they originally were.



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