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It was the best of times……











Visitors have invaded my house – there are boxes of cereal, tiny jars of food, any manner of squeaking things, and roll-y things, and soft smudgie things strewn about in complete chaos.  There are beds; one for upstairs, one for down;  jump-y seats, and carriage rides; quilts on the floor, and wrappers from used up things, and wrapped up things waiting to be used…….a baby is visiting.  No time to steal away for a few hours of art making.  All those things strewn about have strict guidelines and schedules, and times to and when not to — it’s busy work having a baby around!  And it is the best of times!


On the wall…


Work in Progress 027









This is hanging on my living room wall – hence – “On the wall.”  These sketches, leftover from various paintings were stored under my bed and I was going to throw them away, then I thought why not put them in that clip-on frame from Ikea, and see how they look altogether.  I liked  it so I hung them on the wall.  I get great comments from visitors when they see these simple sketches — so I’m going to leave them hanging for awhile.  (had to take this photo at an angle because of the light bouncing off the glass – that’s why its at such an odd angle.)

My daughter is due to arrive today so I probably won’t have much to show for the next few weeks – hope all is well with everyone out there!

Work in Progress


Work in Progress 014







I have started working on this again this week .  Its been sitting around for about a year, I think, maybe a little less – I am supposed to be cleaning house for the pending visit of my daughter and her adorable baby boy.  But when I got up today I just thought I needed to work on this instead.  The color is off in the photo – the moon is a very pale yellow -y white, and the spots are pale to medium gray.  I do not know why the camera saw it has a dark golden greenish mess?  It doesn’t matter – taking photos at night is always risky business.  I know I won’t be doing much painting for the next 3 or 4 weeks because of daughter being here, and probably the motivation to begin painting today when I should have been cleaning up so everything is spotless for the baby.  This is a large canvas, and as usual, not as well thought out as it should have been – I tend to jump in without a lot of fore thought, then I try to make it work…. seems like I do that with a lot of things; art, creating, cooking, cleaning, relationships…..hmmmm.

“Life Force” – Finished


I finally finished it.  This painting began from an unpleasant dream I had — I just kept thinking about the dream and so I decided to paint it.  I used a discarded painting and I’m glad I didn’t gesso over the background because I think it adds something to the whole concept.  Acrylic 24×36 inch Canvas.

Life Force3 041

The Reveal…






I don’t see much disintegration here, I haven’t  taken it apart yet either.  I really wanted the washers to rust, and the legs to age.  I may do a little sanding and hang it back out for a bit longer.  As you can see by the background, spring has not yet arrived here. It snowed Tuesday and Wednesday of this week – and is raining today.  So maybe a little more aging!   Excuse the duct tape, it is so windy here sometimes, I had to make several repairs to hold it all together!  This bundle was called Destination Manifestation, and while I was unable to leave Bend, I did learn something I already knew!  It isn’t the geography of a place that is making us unhappy –  It’s the relationships and the emotional clime we are living in.  Since I was terminated, I have been unusually happy, productive, and creative!