The Reveal…






I don’t see much disintegration here, I haven’t  taken it apart yet either.  I really wanted the washers to rust, and the legs to age.  I may do a little sanding and hang it back out for a bit longer.  As you can see by the background, spring has not yet arrived here. It snowed Tuesday and Wednesday of this week – and is raining today.  So maybe a little more aging!   Excuse the duct tape, it is so windy here sometimes, I had to make several repairs to hold it all together!  This bundle was called Destination Manifestation, and while I was unable to leave Bend, I did learn something I already knew!  It isn’t the geography of a place that is making us unhappy –  It’s the relationships and the emotional clime we are living in.  Since I was terminated, I have been unusually happy, productive, and creative!


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  1. I would love to see the legs animated in a video that reveals the secrets of your wonderful bundle for disintegration. You can always sand or steel wool the surfaces you would like to see more of a textured effect. I love the multiple possibilities you have when you begin your renewal/integration processes. I think we all should hold a HUGE celebration for Seth sharing this incredible journey. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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