Work in Progress


Work in Progress 014







I have started working on this again this week .  Its been sitting around for about a year, I think, maybe a little less – I am supposed to be cleaning house for the pending visit of my daughter and her adorable baby boy.  But when I got up today I just thought I needed to work on this instead.  The color is off in the photo – the moon is a very pale yellow -y white, and the spots are pale to medium gray.  I do not know why the camera saw it has a dark golden greenish mess?  It doesn’t matter – taking photos at night is always risky business.  I know I won’t be doing much painting for the next 3 or 4 weeks because of daughter being here, and probably the motivation to begin painting today when I should have been cleaning up so everything is spotless for the baby.  This is a large canvas, and as usual, not as well thought out as it should have been – I tend to jump in without a lot of fore thought, then I try to make it work…. seems like I do that with a lot of things; art, creating, cooking, cleaning, relationships…..hmmmm.


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