Baby Love…


GetAttachment[4]Perfect weather.  We are spending days strolling by the river, sitting in the park, and doing all manner of other things related to baby love!  Going to Portland in a few days to visit the “Aunties.”   It is exhausting, but the best of times.  I am seriously missing studio time – but thinking a lot about future projects.  My grandson loves to stare at my larger paintings – as if he is trying to make some sense of it – I think he is an artist already!


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  1. Olivia, so glad to see and read that you are enjoying life these days. What a treat to have your daughter and grandson for a visit !!! Don’t you just LOVE those baby food jars? I do … I used to save them, because I thought if I threw them out, my babies would grow up. Well, they grew up anyway and those BF bottles just made me so nostalgic. TAKE CARE. Hugs – Davielle in California

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