Daily Archives: June 26, 2009

My Artist’s Journal in progress – “Time Traveler”


Time Traveler 004

I have been working on a little ‘artist’s book’ since my daughter and grandson left.  I was walking around the house staring at space when I found myself in front of the refrigerator ( door closed) staring at the magnetic “poetry” left by friends and family over the last year or so, probably more like last three years because I hate to destroy these strange little leavings.  Anyway, I got this idea of using the refrigerator poetry in an artist’s book.  It’s been a great project and I still have three more double pages to complete.  I decided to use a little brown paper blank journal that I had scribbled in over the years and torn out many of the pages.  I used oil pastels, soft pastels, pencil,  a lot of ephemera collaged onto the pages, old photographs, and other little items.  Techniques included alcohol gel transfers, and just plain old cut and paste.  This is the first time I’ve done something like this and I learned a lot, and hope I will produce a more refined product next time around!  I think the magnetic poetry really added something to the pages. I found it interesting that many of the “poetic” thoughts  had to do with time, and so I tried to add that element to the pages.

“Happiness is sleep – listen random time”


 “Rainbow dream nap not peace?

Rainbow Nap

 “Hour-ly surprise magic”

Hourly Surprise

 “Because in no time…”


“Fling, drive, dream, smile, and wait!”


“Moon window night comes quiet-ly home”

Moon Window

“Silver-ed words saved in a jar  – carried by me to the sea” –Silvered

“Vanish through morning sky see her wave”

Vanish Through

“By Saturday we are jelly donuts”

Jelly Donuts