Daily Archives: July 4, 2009

Artist Journal – “Time Traveler” -finished!


Here are the last two pages – see previous two entries for other pages.  I am so pleased with myself for finishing this!  The book  measures about 9 x 6 inches, and has 15 entries; 13 double pages, and two single pages. I used oil pastels, soft pastels, pencil, collage, gel transfers, and printing directly on cloth with ink jet printer.  All the words are taken from the magnetic poetry left on my refrigerator by family and friends over the last three years.

“Just dream blue peace happiness”

Dream Blue

“Here baby go heart and dance” (This is the last page)

Heart Dance

This is the inside cover page.

Cover Page



This is the cover.  I glued three washers, which signify to me the circles of time, to the front of the journal.   (I recently visited an estate sale and found a jar full of  lovely old rusty washers and these were in it.)  The largest is some kind of a gasket made of cork, the second is very thin metal and is a unique red and blue stripe, and the smallest washer is a delicate brass ring.