Disintegration Manifestation 017


 This is the final product from the “Disintegration Manifestation” bundle.   I chose to focus on the passing of time, the changing of seasons, the elements of the earth, and the gratitude of “Grace” as an art form for the pieces from my bundle.  I altered this recycled plastic clock , which I found in a thrift store, as the substrait.  I added the pieces of paper, charms, an  invocation, a set of all seeing eyes, and of course the ‘travelin’ legs’  from the orignal bundle.  I wanted the final piece to look as if it had withstood the passing of time with the promise of future  time, and how preciously the earth offers time as the days pass, the moon rises, and the trees, passing seasons and elements remain constant.  I chose this particular, “seen better days” clock because of the word “Grace” printed on the face.  I saved that single word through the many layers I added over the clock face because the word “Grace” offered exactly what I struggled to achieve in my every day life.

The photos above show the finished art, the first one is hanging, as it is meant to be viewed.  The second photo is laying on the table.    I used pieces from the bundle, but also used other found objects as they found me, including the owl on the top to guide, or to guard?

 As seen from the bottom.  I used an old door keyhole plate on the bottom to thread the legs through – The legs became the symbol of myself, trying to find the secret of escape.

From the Bottom

 As seen from the left side.Left Side

 As seen from the right side.  I used local twigs and painted them antique gold (acrylic) to symbolize the tree the original bundle faced the elements in.

Right Side

 The niche.  A peek into the future, or a glimpse from the past?


 Disintegration Manifestation 010 (2)

 First version of the clock face.  The word Grace, an acorn top, a maple seed, a delicate hand holding onto time, a postage stamp, a crown for triumph.Disintegration Manifestation 011

Disintegration Manifestation 008

Final Clock face.  The moon (a constant) angled hours of time, copper wire encircling the whole thing, randomly stamped numbers, the north star to guide us.

Original sub-strait  with some sanding, and the clock face disassembled.

Sub-structure (1)

Sub-structure with out drawer

Gessoed over

Gessoed over and ready to begin painting the surface, which I wanted to look like aging metal.  I used  Payne’s Gray, Burnt Umber, Quinacridone Gold, Turquois (Pthalo), Prussian blue,  and Yellow Ochre acrylic paint applied in layers to achieve an aged brass, or some ancient metal.

The bundle became known as the “Destination Manifestation” and was a focus for my desire to leave central Oregon.  I included a small piece of paper with my bundle stating my intention to leave, buried it in between boarding passes, airline tickets, postage, old envelopes, and travel money.  I knew I needed a change and I asked for it and then hung it on a tree limb in the front yard and hoped the universe would “grace” me with what I wished for.  I haven’t left central Oregon, but I have experience many changes over the last 6 months.  The first change to occur was the ending of a very stressful and toxic work situation.  I was suddenly and unexpectedly freed from working three jobs for the price of one  – and after the shock wore away, I realized what this really meant to me!  Freedom!

Departure by night 1st night (front)

 The original bundle, hanging in the night. (Above)

 In May, bundle ready to take down. (Below)

Time to take down May 2, 2009

Taken apart

Contents of bundle after hanging outside for 5 months.


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  1. awesome, awesome!! What a cool idea to make the final piece about time, and for it to mark time!

  2. This was such a beautiful clock to start with and it’s nice to see it honoured with such a lovely new life. I reallllly like that owl perched on top too!

  3. Thank you all for visiting and taking a peak at my “Keeper of the Time,” I think that’s a great name for the piece! I guess the legs were a great hit!

  4. I think “Keeper of the Time” is wonderful..magically so!

    You know I am quite fond of symbolism..and I love that this piece has so much in it. I also enjoyed reading of the process..both physically and that of your heart.
    I am quite sure the universe is listening! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing it!!

  5. I LOVE your piece of art! Your post gives us an easy dance thru the steps of your project. Wonderful work. I know you are well pleased =)

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