Daily Archives: August 28, 2009

A single drop of paint….


Paint drop 014

Paint drop 015








Paint drop 017








How I love this sweet little drop of paint.  I like how it changes with each shot of the camera.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I found this accidental composition on the back of a piece of rolled up paper that had been left in a box near my work table.  I have tried many times to replicate the spontaneous quality, but it is illusive, much more complete than it appears at first glance.  When I first discovered it I asked my daughter if she had done it as she had been known to create miniscule compositions for others to find unexpectedly, but she denied any knowledge of this one.  I do remember the day I think it happened.  I was playing with watercolors; trying for the impossible, or so it seemed at the time, and leaving them  in frustration.  Weeks later I discovered the magical drop.  How could it look so complete, and only be an accident?  A perfect little drop of paint, slung from an over wet brush and landing on an upright surface at just the right angle that created something quite lovely in just a split second of time?  Like all found things, there is a mystery about it, a story that is unknown.  I’ve saved it for years, pulling it out when I need some inspiration, or the hope that creation really is a mystical process, and that accepting where I am in any given moment is important, and time will grace with with understanding!

 Paint drop 018








 Paint drop 020








Paint drop 012