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The Blue Chair



  The Blue Chair 006“The Blue Chair”














The Blue Chair 001












“The Blue Chair- Two” 

Mixed Media/Acrylic on Canvas 10″x10″

I bought this little blue chair about 25 years ago at a garage sale.  I love that the legs have worn down from years of scraping across the floor, and that its obviously handmade.  The older lady I bought it from told me it had sat on her mother’s back porch for all the years she was living at home, and that it came from her grandmother’s house.  She told me she was 88 years old, and just didn’t need to keep extra stuff anymore.  I have treasured this chair since I bought it, and once even had it hanging on a wall as an art piece.  I have a thing about chairs anyway – and this one really strikes a chord.  I thought it would be fun to paint it and add vintage photos to the background to give it some depth.