“In the Realm of the Muses”


10 x 10 inches on cradled wood substrate.  Watercolor, polymer clay, wall spackle, acrylic, oil pastel.

“In the Realm of the Muses,”  a peace symbol on her forhead and a dragonfly at her breast which is hovering over another female face.  The backgroud is an old watercolor painting (which has been resting in a drawer for many years) suggestive of an open door, but chaos surrounds the door, and the moon rests in the upper left corner.  She holds a key in her mouth.  She is a warrior and her secrets are many. I feel like I’m reading a tarot card!  Maybe I am!  A symbol of my own creative desires, struggles, and occasional triumph.  The dragon fly, which I recently found tucked in a letter, was given to me some time ago by a very dear lady who always gave me such genuine approval, and support.  I knew as soon as I found it that it was no accidental finding, and I knew it was the perfect symbol for this muse!


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