Monthly Archives: January 2010

Ley Lines



I was thinking about Ley lines yesterday, those invisible lines that connect sacred or mystical places together all over the earth.  Then the thought occurred to me that maybe its possible that  those lines that already exist are there waiting for me to find them,  and all I have to do is align myself, listen and look (really look, as in ‘see’).  Maybe I don’t even need a map.  I do know where to find a very unique place on the pacific ocean, mid state in California about 50 miles south of Big Sur.  The moment I saw this place as I came across the eastern part of San Luis Obispo county, I started having these feelins of deja vu , even though I had never been there in my life before.  It was as though I had a connection to this place that I “knew” existed but had been waiting to find this exact spot.  I haven’t been back for about 5 years.  But I went to the spot along the cost, nearly in the middle of a neighborhood, on a small bluff overlooking the ocean.  It as Labor Day weekend and tons of people milling around from Los Angeles, looking to eat and spend a little money, and all I could do is stand in my 2 foot square of space looking out at the sea otters and further out the dolphins.  It was the first time that it occured to me that this spot is definitely sacred, although others do not seem to feel it as I do.  I bent over and picked up a palm sized piece of quartz roundish,pinkish,in half like a bagel, someone has the other half – I didn’t care – I had the half that was meant for me to find laying in the silty dirt at the top of the bluff, under the sweet allysum amd the wild calendula.  I don’t really know what Ley Lines are, I guess, but I f e el I followed one to this exact spot that day, and went there subconsciously many times during the 17 years I was able to live there.  There is a vibration that makes me feel complete when I stand there; I resonate with that space — to me that means its sacred to those who are open and aware of such things.


A Welcome New Year


“And Now let us welcome the New Year — Full of things that have never been…” (Ranier Maria Rilke)

My first journal page of the year!  I hope to journal a page for every day in January.  I painted this because of the full moon last night, I could see it from my window.  I guess there was an eclipse, but I didn’t know that, so either I missed it, or came to the window after it was over!  I feel as though I’ve been away on a long trip and have just now come home and all the things that I know and need have been here waiting for me.  I’ve been through the whole house, peeking in drawers, thumbing through books, and yes!  they are my things, but it seems as though I haven’t noticed them for the longest time.  I am looking forward to this New Year.