Daily Archives: March 12, 2010




I visited Portland last week to see my grandson and daughter who came to visit from Montana.  I took only a few snapshots as the time went by (oh so) quickly!  After I came home and downloaded, the thing that struck me the most is how much this baby has changed since last December when he came to visit for Christmas.  He is ‘in-between’ now; at nearly 17 months, half-baby, half-little-boy.  No longer a lap baby, fighting to do  everything in his own way, off and running, pushing the limits and full of confidence that he can, indeed, “do it” himself!  I don’t think I noticed this exact moment of transformation in my own babies – those long days were filled with all the details of management!  But this child, this baby, I note his progress as he passes through babyhood to childhood.  I have the luxury of time and experience, and the wisdom to know how fast it all goes by.