Lynne Hoppe –A specialThank you…


I just have to thank lynnehoppe.blogspot so much!  I was the lucky receipient of her muslin book give-a-way!   I have long coveted one of her unique little handmade artist books – and I can barely wait to get started using it! 

In the meantime, here is a thank you card just for Lynne.  I know the little lady looks kind of sad, and maybe she was, but having this special gift really perked her up . . . . . . as you can tell by her purple shoes – her magic do a little dance shoes!

Thank you to everyone for all the nice emails about my last “boo-hoo” post!  I feel a lot better and even managed to paint a little today, well, I had to make Lynne a thank you note!


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  1. I hopped on over from Lynne’s blog to congratulate you. Congratulations! The card you made Lynne is very beautiful. I hope this is the beginning of your muse returning to you so you can get back into the thrill of making art. It would be a shame if we didn’t get to see more new work coming from you because the taste I have seen on your blog makes me want to return and watch for more. How did you make this card? Is it on hand made paper? What kind of paint? Water colors or acrylics? There appears to be a lot of texture, are you using some of that plaster cloth that Lynne has been talking about? Did ……oh, that is enough with the questions. I live near Portland Oregon, is that the Portland you live near? Whoops, there went another question…I’ll shut up now.

  2. thank you, olivia!! can i say too many times that you are making me smile?!! i love my card… she doesn’t look sad to me at all. she’s so beautiful (these colors!), and she looks grateful to me… i want to fly away with her (or at least wear her shoes for a day).

    send me your snail mail addy!


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