Daily Archives: April 23, 2010

Waiting for Spring



                  “Lillith quietly awaits the springtime. ”               

 Mixed media, crumpled paper, hand painted aged newsprint painted green and hand torn into  small leaves.   Wadded tissue, matt medium,  a small piece of watercolor paper underneath for support and attached with matt medium to a journal page.  Mostly enjoyed the wadding and textures created with that and the molding paste, a  failed transfer print of a butterfly  began the composition with  more hope than technique!    I did try to talk Ms.Lillith into letting me add some hair, but you can see by her expression that she preferred being argumentative – so I boxed in her face and planted seedlings on top of where her hair might  have been – she didn’t mind.  She announced she rather liked the small roots growing from the seedlings which gave  her the impression of a “fringe,” her word not mine.  She has also begun to make reference to something she calls a “Lilith Faire.”  I believe it is a concert, as she has been quietly singing some Sarah McGloughlin songs – which is rather nice at times.  I think she believes she is a “free spirit.”

I wish it would warm up here, and there were some flowers hardy enough to withstand below freezing at night for at least another six weeks.   I actually had to turn the heat on today, although I held out until about 3:00 PM when I just could  not stand it anymore.  I had a portable heater that worked very well in the studio, but it broke last week so we are back to sitting hunched over our work thinking of fingerless gloves and Dickens in a freezing room much like the very cold and haunted rooms in scary movies -the  ones that emit strange sounds and doors open and close without human touch.  (there actually isn’t any “we”, unless you count Cookie Moon who doesn’t wear fingerless gloves – mostly because she has paws, not hands.) Anyway being cold doesn’t really do much for my creative endeavors!  So I went off to wal-mart to buy another heater, something simple, just basically a blow dryer on legs – but they had not a one!  Just shelves filled with every shape and size of air cooling fans, which won’t be needed for at least two or three more months! 

The trees that are not evergreen having nothing on them –   it looks yet the dead of winter.  No wonder Lillith has that petulant expression of  “why can’t I have it now!”