The Muslin Journal came today!



The little muslin journal arrived today, along with a beautiful dark blue feather, and a sweet little print of “Lester.”  Thank you Lynne so much!


The journal is so homey and old-fashioned looking – it looks like I should be sitting by lamplight and writing my thoughts and doings of the day from another time and place!  I love this kind of thing.  I love the vintage button that closes the whole thing up!  And those little needle dots Lynne complained of are definitely not a problem – they only increase the character of the object!  It has a lot of good energy, and can I say again!  I really LOVE IT!


 After I read Lynne’s post about the pogo prints – which I had never heard about before – I was really wanting to try it for myself!  Now that I see what the prints look like, I am even more anxious to buy one of these little printers.  The small print size is really appealing to me, and they seem very clear.  Perfect for quick photos of art work – and they peel off so they can be stuck to anything!  Thanks again to


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