Journal Page – Invisible


Ursula knew the secret of being invisible.    

Journal Page: wadded copier paper, walnut ink, citra-solv paper, wall paper, twig, deli paper, oil pastel, colored pencils.    

Journal page section - Ursula being invisible


Ursula is cut out of Citra-Solv paper (I used National Geographic pages).   She is standing on a background of wallpaper and a strip of Citra-Solv paper, which looks like a little pond to me.  The twig I picked up about 10 years ago from a Hawthorne tree, and stripped the bark from it.  Artist’s are such savers!  But we always find a use for the odd things we save, at least I do.  I cut the face from deli paper and used colored pencil. I need to check my camera settings, the lettering should be much more clear than it is – I am not very good with cameras.


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  1. This is wonderful. The use of the citrasolve paper is very good, she does seem to blend in and become a part of the background while still being herself.

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