Daily Archives: May 12, 2010

Treasures for Tuesday


Very old china painting dyes


I got these years ago in a little wooden box .  I thought the little bottles with corks were amazing – and the box had the left-over labels from used up colors they wanted to save, I guess.  The pink yarn is wrapped around a piece of rope – I don’t know if it was a test dye or what?   I used to work in a place where stuff like this would surface all the time and it was usually just thrown out – that’s how I acquired these, from the trash!  The corks are permanently welded in the bottles now, and the paints are pretty much dried up.   

Old lock covers


This is the box for the above bottles, but I needed a place to put my newly acquired collection of lock plate covers!  This was a Mother’s Day gift to myself from e-bay.  When I saw them I thought of Alice in Wonderland – so many choices – where are the keys?   

More treasures


This is an assortment of old and rusty hardware, a Mother’s Day gift  from my youngest daughter!  


The Laughing Dog


A sweet treasure who can always make me smile!   My daughter took these a few years back.  This is my little dog, Cookie Moon, a Valentine gift seven years ago!   She still thinks she’s a puppy though – and loves to entertain.