In Her House. . .


In Her House ... journal page, collage, mixed media, acrylic, goauche, torn paper, Citra Solv papers, magazine cutouts, found objects.


 The words from “In Her House …” are taken from a poem I wrote many years ago.  I have paraphrased most of the verses, sometimes taking them out of context to fit my thoughts for the collage.  It is a double spread journal page making the total size 12″x18″.  I cut our the shapes for the houses from handmade collage paper, then painted over them with Zinc white(transparent white) to tone them down.  (Both of my printers are out of ink which explains the strange color of the printed words!)  I used acrylic for the background, also oil pastel, and gesso, found papers. Please excuse my slightly crooked photography – I have a hard time with it!  Also please excuse my typos which appear as misspellings!   

"In Her House..." house #1. Handmade collage paper, magazine image, acrylic, oil pastel, collage.


"In Her House..." house #2, handmade collage paper cut in house shape, acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel, magazine image, computer printed words.


"In Her House..." detail; house #3


"In Her House..." detail house #4


"In Her House ..." detail bottom of page


"In Her House..." detail bottom right page


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  1. Wow you are really on a roll with making art. It looks great. Are all these recent pieces in one journal? they seem of a kind.

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