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Summer Dances…


Summer: Journal page mixed media


 It is my intention to bind all these loose pages I’ve been sharing, at the end of the year, so I will have a journal completed for 2010.  This page was created mostly from scraps and pieces of trash; peanut shells, candy wrapper, rusted champagne lid cover, old negative I was going to throw away, but was able to use it for the dancing female figure on the film, watercolor, pencil marks, oil pastels, pressed leaves.   I keep a large two-inch deep tray in my studio where I toss odd bits of paper, especially little pieces of brown paper from junk mail, or packaging, etc, or trash scraps, pieces from other projects… I planned to do the whole page in browns, but  couldn’t confine myself to a monotone color range. 

Detail from "Summer"


Detail from "Summer" mixed media journal page