Circles of My Mind


"Circles of My Mind" journal page - mixed media


 “Like a circle in a spiral – Like a wheel within a wheel – Never ending or beginning – On an ever spinning wheel – As the images unwind- Like the circles that you find – In the windmills of your mind”   (Michele LeGrand)    

That old song, “Windmills of My Mind,”  has been running through my head this last week as I tried to figure out what to do to three unfinished paintings.  I don’t like to have unfinished work hanging around, and these three paintings all seem to be stuck at a place where I can’t quite figure out where to go with them.  So I turned back to working on my journal pages and this is what evolved.  I started with the brown paper page, added some gesso, added some colors without much thought, just putting down color, cut a window in an old postcard abstract type painting and drew a small figure on deli paper, ended up only using the head.  Used a rubber stamp I made out of rubber foam for the goldfish, and the blue circles.  Used torn recycled paper towels (which are brown), book pages, citra solve papers, deli paper, oil pastels, pencil, colored pencils, gouache, watercolor, acrylics, found objects, fabric.        

I am no closer to figuring out what to do with those unfinished paintings, but I had some fun with this intuitive art journal page.          


Detail from "Circles of My Mind" journal page


Detail from journal page "Circles of My Mind"


Detail from "Circles of My Mind" journal page


Detail from "Circles of my Mind" journal page


Detail from "Circles of My Mind" journal page


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  1. These pages seem more than journal pages. They really appear to be deeper, more complete works of art. I enjoy reading your descriptions too.

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