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Lilith at the Edge …


"Lilith at the Edge"


  10×10 inch acrylic on canvas 

Lilith began wearing a white tutu under her blue velvet coat on her evening walks to the frozen pond.   She imagined herself dancing on the ice on pointe, a winter Swan Lake.     


detail of "Lilith"



detail of trees "Lilith"


detail of trees and and frozen pond "Lilith"



Experimenting with deli paper


Angelique took a shortcut through the woods and the stars

Acrylic on canvas – 10×10 inches This little painting will probably end up as someone’s holiday gift.  I like doing these small fanciful paintings and trying out new techniques and ideas with them, and sometimes they morph into larger paintings.  With this one I wanted to try adding the figure, which I had drawn and painted on deli paper, after the painting was mostly finished.   It worked just fine, I used polymer medium to “glue” her down and then went over the whole painting with several thin coats of  polymer medium.  Because the deli paper is so thin there is no discernable edge around the figure, she blends in as if she  had been painted on.  Lots of possibilities with that!   I thought this might be a useful technique because I sometimes cut up paintings that didn’t work and use them in collage work, adding pieces done on deli paper might add some interesting detail.  I don’t think it would work as well on larger paintings – sometimes the deli paper forms a bubble underneath and it is really difficult to get it out, especially on stretched canvas because you can’t weight it down very easily.    

Remembering Summer Gifts



 When I was a kid I really wanted an erector set – my mom said that was a toy for boys, not little girls.  Everywhere I went this summer I found pieces of old erector sets…I had to buy them.  I especially like the wheels.  The older cast iron spoked wheels are not from erector sets – just old toy cars, tractors, trucks.  I was stuck on wheels and tiny spoons all summer long.  These are old ice cream spoons about three inches long, the tinier ones are salt spoons. Little wire hangers were out there too.  These are just two inches long – a good size for a fairy dress!  The numbers are cut from used license plates.  

Feathers from Jan


  Jan from laughingdogarts sent me these blue jay and peacock feathers last June, a very special summer gift.  I put them in this little box with a bird on it.  Jan and I met around the time Lynne Hoppe sent me one of her muslin books.  Jan sent me a letter that inspired me so – what a wonderful summer gift!   And just what I needed to hear that early summer day.  Later she sent me some CD’s of Greg Brown who is very cool.  I love his very masculine, yet intimate voice, and his humor! A gift of music for the summer!    

Grape vine


 I planted this grape vine three years ago, and this year it grew taller and stronger than ever before.  I always wanted to have a vineyard!         

Muslin journal from Lynne Hoppe


 Lynne from  sent me this very beautiful little handmade muslin journal, and a dark blue jay feather, and a pogo print of one of her painting on muslin faces.  This was such a neat summer surprise in the mail!   


 The purple flowers in this photo brought the gift of a little brown hummingbird, oh how she loved those purple flowers!  I couldn’t take her photo because I didn’t want to scare her off, so I just stood very still and watched.  She already felt out of safety bounds by coming right up on my porch to kiss the purple flowers.  


 Summer silver days, a new fascination this summer for me, old silverplate utensils – not to cut up and turn into fad jewelry, but to use for their intended purpose!  Feeding those I love.  The rounder ones are sugar spoons – but I use them for serving.  



 A magic key, and an old wrought iron key plate – this must surely have been on a secret garden gate in France about 100 years ago!  I will probably use  it on a collage at some point, but until then, it reminds me of secret gardens and summer days.   

 Summer whites!  Paint chips, here they kind of look like dental color chips, who knew there were so many different shades of white.  I did some furniture painting this summer with several different shades of white.  I love the names they put on paint chips.  Click on it to read the names! 

  Summer time under glass!  Old clock faces – so much time to be saved,shared, and remembered!  


  Summer windowsill roses!  My daughter said they were like those boxes of tissue ( I think it was an 80’s thing) that every few tissues offered a different color shade.  So we named them Tissue Roses.  This one produced four different colors of flowers all summer long!  


Ten  little dolls from Egypt, barely two inches tall, what an interesting little object for a collage.  Summer dreaming, planning, thinking.  


This is actually a large brass brooch costume jewelry I found on ebay.  My thought was to use it in an artist book I’m working on, but I liked it so much I’ve plans to mount it onto a birch panel and hang it on the wall with a grouping of other objects I have been gifted that have a celtic theme.  


Summer smiles.  That’s Cookie Moon sitting in an 8″ wicker doll chair.  She doesn’t really like it when I get these ideas for posing her, but you can see she is still smiling!

Swallowing Stones and other discoveries


Journal 2010 016 (2)

 Swallowing Stones journal page mixed media

When I was a first grader my teacher told us that stones and rocks were very ancient and many of them were formed when the earth was first made.  She said that if we could dicipher the information locked away inside a stone we would then know everything there was to know.  That was the interpretation that I took away from this simple unit on geology.  That probably isn’t what she said at all, but I liked the idea of this concept.    I thought about this  quite alot and even asked my mother if stones were truly very, very old.  She agreed with my teacher that rocks are quite old.  Being six years old, this was a new and  intriguing idea.   Somehow I jumped from this to the idea that if I could manage to swallow a stone or two, I might suddenly become very smart about many things I didn’t currently know or understand.   A few days later I was digging in the dirt and found a smallish piece of gravel, I wondered if gravel counted?  Quickly decided that it definitely was rock like and therefore, did indeed, count.  I carefully washed it off, I didn’t have any inclination to swallow dirt, and I might add, sneakily washed it off because I didn’t want anyone to know my plan – I would just suddenly appear to have become a whole lot smarter!  I rolled that nastly little hunk of gravel around in my mouth trying to decide if I should swallow it or not, when without warning it moved down toward my throat.  Panic set in.  I decided I’d better get it back up since it seemed destined to become stuck if it went any further down.  I gagged and coughed, and tried grabbing it with my index finger, one last gag and it bounced out of my mouth.  I’m sure this all occured in a few seconds, or it might have had a different ending, but it seemed to me that the whole thing took a very long time. I decided  it would probably be better to get smart in the old fashioned way rather than trying anymore shortcuts.  I had a terrible sore throat for several days, and could barely swallow dinner that night.  I never told anyone what I had done.  I felt embarrassed by my lack of knowledge of the consequences of trying to swallow something as big or bigger than my throat.  I won’t say I didn’t ponder swallowing a much smaller stone, but the uncomfortable sore throat stopped me from trying.

The journal page above began with the usual heavy brown sheet of paper.  I cut some columns from a newspaper and then decided to sew them to a sheet of deli paper and glued them to the brown paper, and smeared some acrylic over it.  The female faces at the top are cut from a post card series of faces I did a long time ago.  I may add a few small stones to the page, but just didn’t feel like it right now.  There are three pieces of scotch tape I pulled from the binding of a very old book and it left some impression of the binding on the tape and I liked how it looked, you can make out the word “and” on one of the tapes.  They are tucked into a quiet little brown envelope with a golden pear on it.  There is a sand castle near the bottom of the page, which to me, represented dreams and hopes. I used some words from an old poem I wrote called “Swallowing Stones” but it has little to do with the episode mentioned above, but then again,  of course it does, because that is a part of my own history and everything is connected.  One verse says “Sly with watching someone else ~~Pushing names from a darker mouth ~~A stranger’s face, not she…Sidling head down sneaking off~~She goes begging with her…”   The last four lines of the poem are actually about being robbed of one’s childhood and the resulting sadness that no amount of stone swallowing can change.

“Her hands cold, clasped together~~Holding sanity as a prayer~~Wedged between her sobbing palms~~

Her stone filled mouth swallowing~~The afterbirth of grace, like alms”