Experimenting with deli paper


Angelique took a shortcut through the woods and the stars

Acrylic on canvas – 10×10 inches This little painting will probably end up as someone’s holiday gift.  I like doing these small fanciful paintings and trying out new techniques and ideas with them, and sometimes they morph into larger paintings.  With this one I wanted to try adding the figure, which I had drawn and painted on deli paper, after the painting was mostly finished.   It worked just fine, I used polymer medium to “glue” her down and then went over the whole painting with several thin coats of  polymer medium.  Because the deli paper is so thin there is no discernable edge around the figure, she blends in as if she  had been painted on.  Lots of possibilities with that!   I thought this might be a useful technique because I sometimes cut up paintings that didn’t work and use them in collage work, adding pieces done on deli paper might add some interesting detail.  I don’t think it would work as well on larger paintings – sometimes the deli paper forms a bubble underneath and it is really difficult to get it out, especially on stretched canvas because you can’t weight it down very easily.    


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  1. I love the mysterious quality of this painting, very moody. I think your paintings are so beautiful and use such great imagery.

  2. Thank you, Caity (my daughter’s name is Cait). I appreciate your visit and your comment! Thank you!

  3. Thank you Jan – you always leave a comment – and I really appreciate that! You make me think I am a real artist!!

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