Daily Archives: October 21, 2010

Eugenia and Sophia Waited Quietly


“Eugenia and Sophia Waited Quietly”  Acrylic on canvas, 10×10 inches.

Inspired by an antique photo of two little girls caught forever by the camera lens, waiting in the woods.  The sky looks as if it might be getting toward evening, and still they wait, their eyes watchful.  Eugenia is balancing on some rocks while Sophia sits.  It looks as if there may be water beneath the rocks where Eugenia stands.

Building watery layers of acrylic, almost like watercolor, to create the rocks.


More build up of rocks – the different colors in each photo is probably due more to when the photo was taken, meaning time of day, as I use mostly natural light for my photos, than actual changing of color.

Adding the girls.  As I have done in the past with this series, I first sketched the figures on deli paper, carefully painted in their clothing and other details and then glued them into the painting with polymer medium.  Then I added details to their faces, which were difficult this time.  The deli paper doesn’t behave as canvas, and the paint tends to slide around. 

Detail of the figures.  All in all, I am not particularly happy with this little painting.  I think I need to return to the usual way of painting the figures in directly on the canvas.