Daily Archives: October 22, 2010

Stringing or Stinging words together …


 Journal Page – Mixed Media:  collage, drawing, found objects

Thoughts about the things people say to us, whether implied or blatant:  We string our words together as children string colored beads, sometimes the patterns that we make are less than pleasing to the recipients.

Words are the spells we cast, when spoken they can take on a life of their own, coming alive from our lips and traveling into infinity.  All that we say is alive forever, never to be taken back.  Unspoken words have power in a different way.  Sometimes it is good to keep silent.  Everyday we make a choice to bring good with our words, or bad.  The universe does not make adjustments, or judgements – but our hearts know the difference.

My five-year-old self who still believes inside my heart.

My first “best friend.”  I trusted her forever, and sometimes she was slightly mean to me – but I adored her in spite of herself.

Life was so much better with a true friend!