Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

Old Pages … New Pages, Nothing much


Evening Stars – Journal page 2009.  Gouache on gessoed brown paper journal page, 8.5 x 11 inches – double spread.

I thought I would share some older pages today because I haven’t done much of anything for the last couple of weeks, which is how it seems to go with me, a lot all at once, then nothing at all for a while.  These are journal pages, not artist book pages.  Looking back is kind of fun, like a photo album – I remember what I was thinking when I did them – but I will leave my thoughts out of it this time.

Journal Page, 2009.  Torn papers, junk mail finds, drawing, gouache, collage.

Journal Page 2009.  Gouache, collage.

My house, taken last night.  I wanted to capture the moon shining above my home.  It is never across the street, but always over my house.  I find that comforting.  November 12, 2010.

Journal Page 2009.  Gouache, collage, handprint.

November 12, 2010. My house and the moon, from the other side.  The lighted window is my studio. I love that the camera makes the studio windows look like  square blocks of light.

“Life was ‘dotty’ with loopholes.”  Journal page 2009.  Gouache, collage.

Journal Page 2007.  My studio window in the rain. Photo copy, gouache, collage.

Journal Page 2009.  Collage, gouache, found objects.

Journal page 2009.  Pencil, charcoal.  Sketch of a character from a novel I was reading, as seen in my  mind’s eye.  I think it was called Changeling, not sure though, it may have been The Stolen Child.

Ink blots from yesterday – no clear direction in mind – just playing with water and color on ATC sized paper.

Ink drops on ATC size watercolor paper.  This one turned  into Bob Dylan!  Gouache, India ink. 

Remember coloring paper leaves in school? and then the teacher would hang them in the windows for our fall decorations?  I loved that!  So I drew some last night and painted them in with gouache.  These were done on printer wt brown paper and gessoed first.  Psychedelic Leaves! Cool!