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More Imaginary Conversations



Portland to Bend ~ Life in Boxes ~ Imaginary Conversations III 2006

This is a small handmade journal, about 9 x 6 inches.  The covers are 300 pound handmade watercolor paper.  I tore them from a painting I felt wasn’t worth finishing.  The pages are my usual brown paper with a covering of gesso. 

The back cover.

Gouache, pen and ink, watercolor.  I actually painted this as a finished 24 X 36 inch painting using acrylics.  I say “actually” because I rarely finish my journal sketches, although I have good intentions.

 Pen and ink, a silly sketch, prompted by job frustration.  Imaginary Conversations are good for the soul!


Colored pencils

Colored Pencils

Water color, pencil

This is what prompted the title of my journals.  My mind wanders into this kind of  Imaginary Conversation quite frequently, maybe I should get a real life??