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And Another Imaginary Conversation


Possible Events in a Life

Imaginary Conversations IV ~ 2007~2008

Hand painted cover of a purchased blank book with drawing on a book page attached after back ground painting.


 The butterfly is a monoprint from a glass plate using acrylic – which dried much to quickly and  the “print” had to be hand painted to fill in where the plate had dried.

 Facing page of the butterfly monoprint.  Pen and ink.


There were five islands.

Pen and Ink and colored markers.  This is actually a remembrance of my grandparent’s front door – but it is similar to the front door on Buford Street, which didn’t boast the colored glass.  I can remember when I was three, standing on tiptoes at my grandparent’s front door to peer through the colored glass panes.  My favorite was red.  They lived in Oklahoma on Randolph Street.

A transfer print of my grandmother at about the age of three.  She passed away at the age of 28, leaving my father at age three without a mother.

Photo copy of a family tintype.  I believe my great grandmother is amongst them – but I don’t know which one she is.  They were not from Australia as the candy wrapper indicates.  The wrapper was probably applied first, and then I just filled up the page later on.  I don’t know why I put somethings together on a page.


I have shared this image before, but this is the journal it came from.  Gouache on gesso’d journal pages, photo copies of old paintings, found papers, pencil, pen and ink, acrylic.


Scribbling with gel pens!  Some words I read in an art magazine.

More scribbling with pens.