“Lilith” and “Angelique” Pasticcio Quartz Art Zine Holiday Issue


 “Lilith at the Edge” – 10×10 inches Acrylic

“Lilith” and “Angelique”  are on display in the latest issue of Pasticcio Quartz magazine!   Merry Christmas to me!  Thank you, Sarah Fishburn and Angela Cartwright, www.acartwrightstudio.com/pasticcio for finding my art and thinking it worthy of your beautiful magazine!  I am so proud to be a part of the Holiday Issue!

 “Angelique Took a Shortcut Through the Woods and the Stars”  Acrylic on 10×10 inch canvas

 Detail of frozen pond from Lilith

Detail from "Lilith"


Detail from "Lilith"

Detail from “Angelique”


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  1. Thanks, Lynne – I was just so thrilled that they wanted to put something of mine in their magazine!

  2. aloha Olivia

    congratulations. yeah, it’s exciting when this happens. your work is outstanding where ever it is. i really like this line:

    ”Angelique Took a Shortcut Through the Woods and the Stars”

    that floors me, i mean… the beauty of it floors me. i hope that makes sense.

    aloha – Rick

  3. Yes, Rick – Thank you! Once again you invite me to see and hear my own voice!

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