Daily Archives: December 7, 2010

Hopping About


 When I went out on the porch this morning I saw that the blue jays had left perfect little tracks in the snow as they hopped about looking for fallen seeds.  I too, am hopping about as I pack up my belongings, cleaning out drawers and closets deciding what to keep, what to recycle.  I have long anticipated leaving Bend and returning to Portland (or the coast which hasn’t happened yet…).  I have taken a small house in Portland and must be over their soon —  like before Christmas!  I am downsizing like crazy, looking everywhere for boxes (by phone) — unable to drive around yet as the temperature still hasn’t risen above freezing for at least a week, and there’s too much snow and ice on the roads for me to navigate.  Hopefully, today the ice begins to melt and tomorrow I will be hopping into my car (please!) to accomplish the many things I have to do.  So I am navigating around the house as I pile up discards and “keep” piles, the “keeps” smaller than the discards (I hope).  Wish me luck as I lumber over the mountain with a rented truck filled with my “keeps”!   Change is good, right?

I shall light a candle on December 21 in my new little house in Portland, to celebrate yule, winter (without snow) , a full moon, and the future!

Wishing everyone wonderful, magical holidays!