The light returns….


“The light returns – stuck to the sky with black tape – electrical and fleeting as a promise.”

Oil pastel on gesso coated paper (brown bogus rough), charcoal, pencil, handmade collage papers.  9″ x 12″

February is my favorite winter month.  The trees are still bare, but the light begins creeping back.  The beginning of the month it’s very subtle, by mid-February I notice the sky is still light at 5:30 pm, and end month it lasts even longer.   In Portland it’s mostly gray skies, today, there was sunshine – fleeting- but still the promise of spring hangs there just behind those gray clouds! 




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  1. fascinating Olivia – aloha – i like your imagery in this – the juxtaposition of bare tree shapes with the abstract rectangular irregularities. that is an awesome February quote reference to go with your great take on the light of February. i had not thought of February in those terms even tho i had noted the same things you point out about the advancing of light in the day – even here (semi-tropics). i like that take on February. cool. i also appreciate your list of materials in creating your work – and the size – that helps so much in visualizing the work beyond the image on a monitor (for me) – as well as in understanding how you went about creating the richness of your surface – way cool on that. thank you. – aloha

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