The Mermaid’s Hands


“The Mermaid’s Hands”  24″ x 36″ Acrylic on canvas

Unfinished canvas #2 is finally finished!  I am really happy to be finishing these ghosts, bringing them to completion and daylight. ” The Mermaid’s Hands” began with a whole mermaid.  My neighbor suggested upon viewing it that I add some glitter;  I think that’s the moment I wasn’t waiting for! I began by painting it over with black gesso and wiping and blotting it off while it was still wet, as the hands began to emerge I realized I didn’t need the whole figure – the hands were less “Ariel” without the body!  No glitter needed! (ha)

I have one more large canvas to finish and I will be finished with the unfinished.  I don’t usually leave artwork unfinished, so these three were really bugging me.  The last one is quite large, but not a lot of color, hopefully it will go fairly quickly and I can begin something new!

(detail) “The Mermaid’s Hands”





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  1. yeah. i agree. no glitter needed. your work is edgy and mysterious. provoking, thought provoking and intriguing and powerful. i like that.

    unfinished work is a curious thing. i’ve begun to find that work like that is simply waiting for me until i’m ready to bring it to completion. ready in terms of where i am and what i can do. if i had pushed it to completion initially i dont think it would have resonated as well. because of this i no longer worry when a work becomes complete. interesting, because more and more i simply have on going work. …altho i do still finish things too.

    cool on you gathering up these works and bringing them to their place.

    cool too on new work of course. aloha

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