Summer Nothings…


Work in progress, un-named at present, as we only just met this evening!  and she hasn’t given me her name yet.

In the night garden – flowering sage and lantana, and a California reminder!

I love my little garden in Portland.  August has been the loveliest month, sun and warmth and my birthday – I never imagined when I was young that I would actually grow old!  24,820 days.  What a gift I have been given!


Out of focus – Madonna of the Marigolds

Impatiens and salvia or flowering sage – I can never remember, and a little old fashioned “pink” in the small wicker chair!  The bees and the hummingbirds love it (the sage)!  And I love the color, especially in the evening!

Cookie Moon on an adventure up the stairs!

Penstemon or Beard Tongue!  The hummingbirds love to kiss it, bearded or not!

The marigold madonna serenly peeking out.

I hope you all enjoy this last month of summer as much as I do! 


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