Getting started again …


“Sisters” Acrylic on 300 lb hotpress watercolor paper collage, charcoal, graphite 15 x 22 inches

Just trying to get started painting again after a brief break.   This was just a quick study, and I am not sure where I was going with it.  I guess I was thinking about sisters, how similar and yet how different they are.  I just jumped in and sketched a brief outline, and started glueing down paper and gesso over these and then adding color.  I found that little scrap with the date July 10, 1960 and I guess I was thinking about the sixties and where I was on that date!  I actually found the scrap torn from the Los Angeles Times in a used book I recently bought.  I love it when I find things in books like that!

My adored grandson kept me very busy for a week or so!  He and parents flew out to Portland to celebrate his 3rd birthday!

He’s always on the move and I can’t seem to capture him fast enough for a clear photo!  But he loves to play board games, so he was thrilled with this old standard, “Candy Land!”  We had a Caillou birthday party.  Caillou is a favorite character of his; from TV and books.

Caillou posters ( I made, because there isn’t much commercially made party stuff of this character in our stores) in the background.  We hung them on the window, so when he drove up from the airport, he could see them from outside!

Three- years- old!  His mother does a better job of capturing him in photos than I do!


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  1. Wow, if you can do that in ‘getting back into again’ then you haven’t got rusty at all, it is lovely. Your little Grandson looks such a pet. I have a Grandson and two grandgirls and they are just such a delight. Thank you for sharing

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