Artist’s Book in progress – “The Tally Keeper’s Folly” Imaginary People I Know


“The Tally Keeper’s Folly” Imaginary People I Know 7×10 inches double page – Oil Pastel, watercolor, collage on muslin

I’ve been working on this little book for quite some time, but only recently did it come together in a cohesive way.  The story is about a vindictive woman who keeps count of all her slights and insults, real or imagined.  She forgets or dismisses the good in others as she focuses on the bad, and in the end loses everything.  I wanted the art to have a kind of medieval fairy tale look – hence the silly hat on the husband!  I will share more pages as I complete them.  Some of the art I’ve already shared, for example, “The Lost Boy.”

“The Tally Keeper’s Boy”  Imaginary People I Know – Oil pastel, watercolor, collage, gouache, on muslin


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