“I think I made you up…”


“I think I made you up…”  journal page 11×8.5 inches – gouache, oil pastel, graphite, collage on paper

Reading Sylvia Plath seems to start an echo  – and certain verses or phrases circle back  around inside my head.  Started this with laying down some odd pieces of paper and muslin and gesso over it all.  Sketched out a face and then doodled in another and I was off, but still the words from Sylvia Plath inside my head probably gave some focus to the outcome.  Its a journal page, so it doesn’t have to be perfect, right?  Mistakes are all a part of it.

excerpt from Sylvia Plath’s “Mad Girl’s Love Song”


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  1. i want to close my eyes and when I open then, both sylvia and your blue moon ladies would be there. what a conversation would be had…all mad girls welcome too. thank you for this post – beautiful

  2. What an incredible representation of those few haunting lines of Plath. I love the blue tones, it suits the whole mood. As usual, your work astounds me.

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