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“Katness Everdeen”- Girl Warrior – “The Hunger Games”


“Katness Looking into Herself” – journal pages – oil pastel, gouache.

I did these drawings a couple of months ago while I was reading the Hunger Games and I visualized the character of Katness Everdeen with dark hair and grey eyes.  I admit I got caught up in the social and cultural aspect of the whole story!  I haven’t seen the film and probably won’t.  But the books created visual images for me and I wanted to try and draw this young woman warrior.   I read a lot, and I often gain ideas for art from the characters I read about.


Oblique Motion 1


“Oblique Motion 1”  Acrylic, collage, on canvas 18×36 inches

I’ve been working on this painting for the last month and a half-   I’m calling it finished because I am tired of thinking about it.

Detail – you can see the collage of papers I put down before I started to paint.  I used sandpaper to bring out the edges.

This is my favorite part of the whole painting – I like the soft look in her eye.

I like the background above her head in this detail, which I realize now doesn’t show in this shot – but it does in the full painting.  That piece of music on the right edge is written for four voices – music where one voice sings differently (music majors) sorry if I’ve over simplified, anyway – Oblique Motion is the musical term for this.

A Box for the BOOK


I decided to make a box for the little book, The Tally Keeper’s Folly.  I had a very old wooden cigar box that was just the right size.  Some one had painted it black and scratched their name on the top – Bertha Wright.  Sorry Bertha, I had to cover up your name!  I painted the box with acrylics several times before I decided on the dark red for the top.  I’m going to finish up the edges with some antique gold acrylic – just haven’t done it yet.  I used the cover of a very tattered book I had for the cover of the box.  I really liked the front graphics – and they already had just the right amount of wear on them.  I had a large sheet of paste paper I’d made years ago, and decided to use that to glue a title over the books original title which was The Peep of Day, which is pretty neat, but it wouldn’t work for this!

On the sides of the box I used strips of the paste paper to put a line from the verse which is on the back of the book.

I sanded the letters a little so they didn’t look so harsh.  I ran the paste paper through the printer cut to 8.5×11 size, and then printer the lines spaced apart so I could cut them out.  The cigar box is about 6×8 inches.

I used the paste paper to cover the inside lid and came up with another verse for it.  I lined the inside of the box with antique silk sari ribbons that I ironed flat and tacked together over a piece of cardboard.  I also used a scrap of sari ribbon on the front of the book.

The little book fits perfectly inside!  Now a few touches of gold here and there and I send it off to the Illahe Gallery in Ashland, Oregon for their April 6-28 show of Artist’s Books.