Journal pages – Imaginary People I Might Know


I know these are perfectly ridiculous – but I have nothing to say for myself! (haha) It was fun.  I was telling someone I couldn’t draw animals…and then I thought, but this is in the realm of “what if”, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t know exactly how an animal looks – these are imaginary people I might know!

It’s been cold (actually turned the heat back on) and rain, rain, rain here and I’m tired of it!  We had two days of spring weather last week – nothing more predicted!  Thought I would entertain myself with a few whimsical drawings for the fun of it.

 “Simon Hausparrow, Rainy on Monday”   Oil pastel, gouache, watercolor on journal page.

“Mlle Minou – Ready for the Dance” Oil pastel, gouache, watercolor on journal page.

“Bunny, a Girl With Questions” Oil pastel, gouache, watercolor on journal page.


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  1. Thanks, Ziggy, I really had fun with these imaginary people. I like Simon Hausparrow the best too!

  2. I like them all, but I’m in love with Simon Hausparrow. I would so like to see them as characters in a childrens story, they look like they all have something very interesting to say.

  3. Thanks, Tricia! I think they do look like characters in a story, and Simon would definitely be the star! Bunny looks a little scarey-haha. Thanks!

  4. i *told* you you could draw anything!!! oh i LOVE these olivia!!! xoxo

  5. I took your words to heart! and I just drew them without thinking too much whether they were factual – its okay if its imaginary, right?

  6. Just when I thought you couldn’t possible get more creative than you already are, here you are, surprising me yet again. I love these, they are cute and witty, and beautifully done.

  7. Thanks, Judee – I’ve been thinking about the personification of animals in art for a long time, especially in children’s literature. This was really fun and something different for me!

  8. Absolutely adorable – all of them !!!!! : ) but my fav – Mlle Minou : ) I love stopping by between you and Lynne, I get my eye candy start for the day – thank you for that : ) happpy weekend to you and yours : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

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