What ….? Un-ness.


I don’t know what I’ve been doing.  Waiting around for some kind of inspiration to kick in.  Its been weeks, and I still haven’t got much going on in the studio.  I haven’t really been busy.  I went to Denver a couple of weeks ago, but other than that I’ve mostly been waiting…. and I’ve got nothin’.   I bought a can of chalk paint to paint my bookcases – but the can is as yet unopened.  And it cost a lot, and I really wanted to paint them white, they are currently black, but – well – the paint is still unopened.  I went downstairs and dug out some canvases that I had stored away – not old paintings, just blank canvases.  But so far, nothing has happened and they are growing dust waiting for me to get going.  I’m waiting for the summer – but in Portland, summer is just an idea that has its own time – kind of like my creative-ness – or un-ness, right now.   Even the journal is not filling up like it should be – that’s the thing.  “Should.”  I “should” be so happy to have the time I’ve never had before I should be more creative I should be painting a canvas everyday I should just jump in and get going…I should….. I know, I know, I know.  So here are my journal pages – strange meanderings of the un-ness.




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  1. I really like the last one, looks great! And I hear ya on not wanting to do anything, sometimes I just have to embrace the waiting for creativity!

  2. I love the artwork on this page – I am assuming it is from past projects, since you say you’re not doing anything – except perhaps for the one where you say you are uninspired, isn’t that art, too?

    Maybe you just need to stop thinking in terms of “shoulds” and go take a walk or do something different. Stop trying and let it come to you in its own time. Muses are fragile creatures and sometimes when you push them to perform they get shy and pull away.

    So just sit back, create an open environment in your mind that your muse will enjoy. Iron teabags, look at them, let them take your imagination on a journey. Take walks when you can and just absorb your surroundings. This may be a time of reflection for you, a time of absorbing, that will later express itself on canvas once the things you absorb have been assimilated.

    It will balance out in rightness of time.

  3. Just those meandering words is something beautiful and creative. We don’t always have to have something to produce, sometimes our thoughts are enough. You put those thoughts here and they are great.

  4. Well, that gives me a new perspective! Good to hear from you again! I really appreciate that perspective about my meandering words. Thank you!

  5. Thanks Judee, The artwork I shared has all been done during this span of inactivity. Journal pages while I wait for the muse to return!

  6. Did you mean the last journal page on this post? Yeah. Weird, I know, but sometimes weird is very interesting! Thank you!

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