Finding My Way Out (of un-ness)


Journal page – 8.5 x 11 – oil pastel, gouache, watercolor, pencil

I’ve been reading some fairy tales lately, well not, “once upon a time,” but  a book called “Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters” by Kathleen Ragan.  I think this is going to influence my art for a while, content wise anyway.  I love the idea of being able to fly – it is such a mysterious thing; only allowed birds, fairies, and angels (and insects).

Journal page – 8.5 x 11 – oil pastels, gouache, watercolor, pencil.

This is where I’ve been sitting, thinking, and reading.  Watching the hummingbirds visit the salvia, and dreaming about big beautiful paintings!

There’s the Madonna of the Marigolds, no  marigolds this year, but she is carefully watching over the seedling japanese maple that Cait gave me from her backyard, there’s a larger version behind her to the left, I bought that one last year at Farmer’s Market in Hillsdale, just a walk away from my house.  I’m going out to rearrange things today – the larger Japanese Maple is getting too much direct sun, I can see the leaves are being burned, so strange since I was only complaining about the lack of summer weather recently – apparently its enough to crisp delicate growth!  Beginning to become less un.


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  1. These are absolutely delightful, so whimsical and full of spirit and grace. I especially love the top one, it has such a sense of purity to it.

    And what a perfect little corner of contemplation you have there!

  2. All your work is wonderful and so full of hopes and dreams and mystery. I think that because I see you on FB I don’t get a chance to visit here in detail. Oh, I have loved my visit this morning. Have a beautiful day of (or without) un-ness.

  3. Thank you, Roxanne. I appreciate your visits here and your lovely comments. I think I am coming out of my “un” phase – feeling more inspired, and more determined!

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