Daily Archives: November 29, 2012

Another Head Study


Untitled head study – water soluble oils – 6 x 8 inches

I’ve been sewing for the last few weeks instead of painting, but thought I should have something to show before Christmas comes and no more painting for a while!  I used a magazine picture as a model for this study, but only used part of the face.  I often use model’s photos from magazines for proportion and shading, but I usually change them around so much they aren’t representative of the original photo in the end.  They are just a guide for general shape and mostly shading and lighting.  This is the first time I’ve tried to paint (“tried” being the operative word) an open mouth study.  I will never master an open mouth large smile with teeth – and don’t particularly want to – but it was interesting trying to place teeth under the lips and inside the mouth – challenging!The pearl earring turned into a disaster – but I really wanted her to wear pearl studs – so I’ve left it, oh well!

Our days are short and gray.  We’ve had so much rain, the basement area is beginning to have spots of standing water, so had to move some things to higher ground just in case.  I sort of miss, Bend Oregon.  Sunshine nearly every day and barely any rain, but I don’t miss the snow much, although it didn’t usually last very long, when it came I felt terribly trapped.  (I guess I’m a southern California girl forever! But don’t say that too loud in Oregon! haha)

I’m going to Highland Springs, Colorado for Christmas again this year so I will be sharing some lovely times with my magical boy!  He’s four now, and just got a puppy to romp with.  A Welsh terrier, possibly mixed breed, who knows! from a rescue of abandoned pups.  He hasn’t got a name yet, they just got him yesterday – but he is getting plenty of love!  He loves to chase the wild rabbits that venture into the yard, and stops and does the point thing when he spies one, foot goes up and tail goes straight out!  He’s about 10 weeks old.

I’ll post some photos of my sewing projects next time – been making stuffies for a new endeavor my daughter is taking on!

This is not a PS, but I almost forgot to mention, I had a small thing published in the current Stampington “Somerset Studio” magazine.  Not the one about artist’s studios, but the mixed media magazine called Somerset Studio.  It was included as part of Seth Apter’s 5×5 Project! http://thealteredpage.blogspot.com/  So if you have the magazine I’m on page 98!