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Journal 2013 005

Now that I’ve finished the artist’s book project – I’ve been cleaning up my studio room, and playing with paint and some fire in my daily art journal (which is rarely daily!)  I have a sheet of heavy paper that has strings running through it, and after I finished this profile sketch I decided to cut some holes in a strip of the paper, but the holes were too uniform so I lit a candle and held the hole over the flame for a second to burn the edges – I think it was just what I wanted to happen.  Before I did the sketch I had pasted down a bunch of leftover “aged” paper from the book project.  I love the brown color.  That little face upper left was a paint blob that I had to draw in.

Journal 2013 002 (2)

This was the same background, but I painted indigo blue watercolor over it.  I used the cutout circles from the strip I burned.  I don’t know what kind of paper it is, but I’ve had it forever and now I wish I had more of it, but I’ve no idea what its called.  If anyone knows, please let me know.  Its a natural color, heavy wt, but soft, and there are vertical and horizontal threads running through it.  It burns pretty quickly too!

These pages are 8.5 x 6 inches.  Handmade watercolor paper, about 200 lb.  Made in India.  Its very bumpy so it isn’t very good for drawing, but its very nice for watercolor and gouache.  Paint puddles and runs creating interesting patterns.  I used oil pastel, pencil and some brown and some blue watercolor for the sketches.


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  1. As usual I love your work. I love brown, rusts, sepias etc. I love India papers. I too have one that I cherish. I have had it for years and just don’t want it to end so I use a little at a time. I haven’t seen it around anymore. Thank you so much for sharing your process in creating…my fingers itch and twitch with inspiration.

  2. Just beuatiful – fabulous new post – love the effect you achieved on these pages but especiallly the little face in the upper left of the first pic – wonderful : ) I would sooooooooooo love to take a class by you : ) love when you talk about your process and how you achieve the “loook” !!!! I have some/most of the supplies, ie, watercolor, gouache, but have never been taught how exactly to use them, ha : ) Thank you for your wonderful sharing : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

  3. Thanks, Rosemary! I too love those rusts and sepias! My bound book of India paper was a gift from one of my daughters. I believe she bought it at Hobby Lobby in Denver. Try their website – I think I’ve seen them listed.

  4. Thank you, Sandra. I’ll tell you a little secret – I have never had an art class in using any kind of paint. I took a drawing class once(about 35 years ago)- but was too self-conscious to let go and draw! Always afraid of doing it wrong. The only way to learn is by jumping in and using the paint and seeing what happens, experiment, its fun. Look at other’s art – and try seeing if you can achieve the same effect. Its okay to copy – that’s how we learn. Maybe I will create and offer an online class – but it won’t be in the near future!

  5. You are sooo kind, thank you for replying : ) seee what I mean, I love what you do and have to say about it, ha : ) I’m in the “doing it wrong stage” most of the time : ) you have such a wonderful ability to convey your message on paper, canvas, etc., I just marvel at what and how you do it. No please don’t stop doing what you’re doing to do an “online” class – I just thought maybe if you taught a hands-on class it would be WONDERFUL : ) Thanks again – Happpy Spring – Happpy weekend !!!!
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

  6. i’m just sitting here smiling… : ) scroll down and look at the bottom face, then back up… so, so lovely, olivia. and that small face in the upper left! oh my! that is the sweetest little peeking in face i’ve ever seen!!

    i think i’ve seen that paper… if i see it again i’ll get some for you…


  7. Just wonderful! True creativity comes from letting go, as you mentioned you couldn’t do in a long ago class. You learned on your own, and so this comes from the heart and it shows so clearly. This is true expression, something so rare!

  8. Thank you Judee. That is true about letting go – not being afraid to make mistakes, or mistake something that happens differently than intended for error!

  9. Thanks Michelle – I’m happy you stopped by for a visit. Nice to meet you – I’ll go check out your blog. XO

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